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Who We Are?

We are NOT an digital agency...we are a network of freelancers based in Cairo; and we create awesome digital marketing solutions for our clients in Egypt, Middle East, Gulf area and North America...

Working remotely makes more sense to us!

Around 1,020,034 people in USA are teleworking and the number is increasing; as we already have many amazing tools that help us to communicate, create and organize our work without the need for office space... Read more

Loay Youssef

Founder, and Digital Marketing Expert @loayyoussef

Rasha Nagdi

Co-Founder, and Graphic Designer @RashaNagdi

Kareem Mohamed

Co-Founder, Content Generator, and Social Media Marketing Specialist

What We Do

We offer a wide range of Digital Marketing Services including Social Media Management, Facebook Advertising, Google Ads Management, Content Marketing, Digital Marketing Strategy, Digital Campaigns Design, Online Ads Management, email marketing, and Instagram Ads.
We also offer website design & UX Design services.

Social Media

Your social media networks are channels for your brand’s voice and content, and every post you make on a social media platform is a potential opportunity to reach new customers.

From researching your customer base, to launching and managing campaigns across multiple platforms, we got you covered.

Landing Page

Having a website enables your business to reach a wider market and it's undeniably essential in order for you to succeed.

You can have the best advertising campaign for your product or application, but if your customers cannot quickly learn how to utilize it, they will leave it behind.

Thus the importance of designing and developing your website or landing page when advertising your products or services.

Digital Ads
and Data Analytics

We produce online digital ads that are tailored to your customers' needs and interests, using different platforms like Google Display Network, Facebook, Instagram and SEM.

Collecting as much data as possible always gives us a better understanding of the differences in performance between different types of content.

How We Do
the Magic

"CONTENT MARKETING is the force we believe in", it allows companies to expand their reach online as it develops trust by providing customers with information that will help them make their buying decision in a way that conveys your brand’s personality and offering without being over promotional.

Social Media is one of the popular content marketing tactics used by businesses today, and companies with less than 10 employees use an average of 6 content marketing tactics like social media, blogs, e-newsletters, webinars, videos, microsites, podcasts, article posting and case studies.

We plan and create engaging content with a low cost to make your business succeed, and we have a customized Facebook management packages for your personal or professional business.

Discover Our Packages

Design is really an act of communication, which means having a deep understanding of the person with whom the designer is communicating. Donald A. Norman, The Design of Everyday Things

Our Social Media
Management Packages

Business Plan

(6,475 EGP)

If you are a local business, a place or a company... our offer includes implementing graphics, images, and authentic content to your Facebook and Instagram pages with a customized tabs and links.

Personal Plan

(3,150 EGP)

If you are an artist, a doctor, an athlete or a public figure, we will capture you a new audience through news feeds stories, social media events, and entertaining content on your Facebook and Instagram pages.

Customized Plan


We will analyze and plan a tailored strategy for your business, including the management of other social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest; and the management of your digital marketing campaigns across all platforms.

What's in it for you?

  • Launching a customized social media fan pages
  • Designing your digital marketing campaigns
  • Linking to your website and other social profiles
  • Writing an awesome social media Bio about your business
  • Creating a posting strategy for your social media pages
  • Creating an "Editorial Calendar" for your posts
  • Designing attractive visuals
  • Posting, scheduling your social media posts
  • Generating Monthly "Performance Report"

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